These boxes are hand-crafted, one at a time, using only the finest exotic and domestic hardwoods. Each box is made completely of wood - the handles and hinges are also created by hand using complimentary hardwoods, and attached using wooden pins.

The strongest and most beautiful of all woodworking joints is the "dovetail". The fine, delicate look of the "pins" that appear on the front of these boxes can only be achieved by producing dovetail joints by hand, using a dovetail saw and chisels. It is impossible to duplicate this look using power tools. The dovetail produces an extremely strong joint that virtually locks the two pieces together, ensuring that these boxes will stand the test of time.

Some of the boxes display sensuous curves that are painstakingly carved into the wood using hand planes - both commercially available planes and shop made planes produced specifically for this purpose. Since this is done by eye until the right look is achieved, each box is truly one of a kind.

The colours are achieved by careful selection of wood species, rather than through the application of stains or dyes. What you see is the natural beauty of the wood, without anything concealing the grain. The boxes are meticulously smoothed and finished to give a wonderful satiny feel that engages the tactile senses as well as the visual.

These boxes cost more than what you might pay for ones that are mass produced, but consider all that goes into their creation. What you are getting is something unique, of the highest quality, and that will last for generations - a true family heirloom.
The box, especially in its simplest form, is merely a place to put things. But people become attached to boxes because of the things they hold. Whether it's jewelry or a keepsake, whether you use it to throw your change into at the end of the day or to hold something near and dear, a box protects, conceals and collects all things, from the precious to the mundane. Of course, in addition to its utility, a box can be an object of aesthetic value, to be enjoyed for it's own sake.